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We've developed a variety of different styles and techniques for our real estate productions depending on the market and target audience we can pivot our style of shooting, editing and music selection accordingly. Below are a few examples of recent real estate productions.

Hollywood Tower, Los Angeles, California

We're honored to produce content for the iconic Hollywood Tower in Los Angeles, this production include another unique element that we love to employ... stop motion! Check out our stop motion chess game at the 1:30 mark in our video above.

Encino, Los Angeles, California

This video production showcases what we do best, shooting extensive hyper lapse (motion time-lapse) content, employing self taught stabilization techniques paired with unique transitions for a very distinct look & feel that will definitely stand out as different from your competition. We find this style is best suited for engaging young professionals who just can't stand watching another boring real estate video with accompanying elevator music :)



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